Bade Park

Park at Taoyuan, Bade district.

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Yehliou School

In this mural I want to describe area nearby school, show to kids how many interesting and funny moment surrounding them.

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Zhongli Bridge

Mural have it’s special purpose according to
the auditory: wondering local people. So In my work  focused on unusual
representation of their area. I want it be recognizable but also
surprising at same time. To show how usual daily spaces may be very
interesting if you find the right angle to look. In that case they may
call it point of view of foreigner artist.

This project was from two stages. At first I was looking around and
find some interesting and remarkable views at this small area near
river. I made couple life drawings of this views, to have images for
murals. From eight drawings I choose six, and translate them to the form
of mural at the bridge.

Vietnam Hotel

Nha Trang is city with fantastic beach. I was at vacation there, and got this case. My idea was to draw wide panoramic view to eliminate feeling of narrow space with those walls and corners. Also I was studying beach for most typical and interesting elements, and put all them together to represent this amazing Nha Trang beach atmosphere.

Taoyuan School

I walked and studying area around school, to find remarkable elements and gather them in one mural. Kids was happy to recognize buildings and landmarks that they usually seen by their way at school.

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Other murals