Monthly Archives: January 2016

About my recent exhibition in Moscow art centre “Starling house”

“The creativity of artist Evgeny Bondarenko, is interaction with the space of the metropolis. Details, such as fans, air conditioners, wires and various shots of all the set – organicly forms texture of his works. Like hieroglyphics they fill the sheet that the viewer reads. His paintings are very contemplative. Seeming disorder is organized and assembling in each special harmony of exact place. And i thunk, this quality makes Evgeny are special artist. He does not impose idea to ​the ​space but tries to understand that this place tells him. This humanistic, researcher position does Bondarenko modern author, who can become the singer of his beloved city. Evgeny Bondarenko have done exhibition and presentation in our cultural center “Starling house”, which is included in the union “Exhibition halls of Moscow.” The exhibit was a great success. Like curator of the gallery «Wordshop» at the Moscow Center for Contemporary Art “Winery” I preparing the exhibition in this year, where invite Evgeny to participate.and I hope that we have lined up a great relationship not only as colleagues but also as an artist with the gallery owners. “

Oleg Arnautov – artist, curator and gallerist.