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Welcome to my Patreon page! :)

I invite you to have a look at my updated Patreon page where you can get some special bonuses by supporting my work!

The main goal of this is to maximize the amount of time I can use to create new Urban Sketches and video tutorials! Also I plan to publish books with my urban sketch collections and make city sketch online course.

If you decide to become my supporter you will get following rewards:

  • Access to my Hi Resolution JPEG urban sketches
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  • I regularly updating my page so more bonuses and other Patreon-only goods and offers from time to time.

Today for sign to 8$ pledge per month you will immediately get access to exclusive Patron only digital content and gifts:

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  • Access to 2 video tutorials with full breakdown of my Urban Sketches, where I’m enlightening all aspects of my method. (4 more tutorial are already scheduled!)
  • I will Immediately mail to you special a postcard set with my 12 urban sketches of Hong Kong!

Timelapse sketching process. Hong Kong.

I were sitting very close to these buildings. To draw their high I supposed to look straight to the sky, that gives me really weird look 🙂

Another thing, is that camera no able to capture this place the way I want to draw it. It makes low floors proportions very huge and shrinking towers with very strong diminishing. That probably looks ok on photo, but I that time preferred to show this place in the way how I perceive it when I’m actually standing there. So I draw street with wide angle to show both sides, and keep proportions of buildings like if I looked at them from 1000 meters with zoom camera 🙂 Also I made two vanishing points for towers elevations, because want to keep silhouette of the gap between them.