Evgeny Bondarenko paintings are very contemplative. Seeming disorder is organized and assembled in each special harmony of exact place. He does not impose his ideas on space but tries to understand that this place tells him. This humanistic, researcher position does Evgeny modern author, who can become the singer of his beloved city.
Oleg Arnautov​
His work has helped me contemporaryrize the 1980s material and subsequently helped the film garnered a new generation of fans. In my opinion, Mr Bondarenko is honest, reliable, scholarly and motivated to provide outstanding art and services to his clients.
Seewai Hui
Director Hui’s Film
Evgeny Bondarenko has enriched his artistic expression: the presence of nature and humans is growing. As a true and hardworking artist, he is constantly looking for new ways to capture life. In that respect, his work is not realistic in the common sense of the term but deeply connected to the inner vitality of things to create, not imitate, a spirited vision of the true reality.
Genevieve Flaven
Style-Vision Asia

Urban Sketches

Environment keeps information about our society better than any medium.

I trying to read that messages and translate to graphic language.


Urban Sketch reflects spirit of the particular place. To describe experience of the city area I combine many sketches and my feeling about this place where I have been.


Since 2014 I do workshops, masterclasses and private lessons.


List and gallery of my previous exhibitions.