• Yuinlin Puppet Festival, Huwei
  • Yunlin Story House-Artist-in-residence, august-october
  • Lecture about sketching urban landscapes, «Truth in itself», Taiwan, Zhongli, Zhonping Story House,  25 july
  • Published Book «Taste of Huwei»
  • Exhibition «Huwei landmarks», Yunlin Story House
  • Creative Season of Ancient City Ⅱ-Ancient City New Paradise 受邀桃園市博愛特區文創發展協會 「古城區創生季Ⅱ-古城新樂園」活動計畫  01 — 31 october
  • Participating in the morning TV show «Wholesome morning», Russia, Saint-Petersburg, 11 december.
  • Personal exhibition, New Taipei Hakka Garden Sketch Watercolor Solo Exhibition 受邀桃園地景藝術節 裝置藝術佈置,推動城市美學創作 Department of Hakka Affairs New Taipei, Taiwan, 18 august — 14 october
  • Taoyuan Landscape Art Festival 受邀桃園市博愛特區文創發展協會 「古城區創生季Ⅱ-古城新樂園」活動計畫 14-30 september
  • Publication at Inflight magazine of China Airlines «Dynasty» 
  • Personal exhibition, Department of Hakka Affairs Taoyuan, Taiwan, 7-29 october. 
  • Art festival «ARTANKARA», Turkey, 16-19 march.
  • Publication in «The Shanghai Literary Review». China, Shanghai
  • Group exhibition «Dialogs about landscape». Russia, Moscow, Vinzavod 6-26 december
  •  Personal exhibition «the wind of faraway lands» Moscow, State Library for Youth, 1-17march
  •  Personal exhibition «First time in China» Moscow, art center «Nest» 
  •  Group exhibition «Matite In Viaggio.Carnets disegni parole Matite In Viaggio» Venice, 30 september
  • Published book includes my drawings: «Understanding Perspective» USA, San Francisco (author Stephanie Bower) 
  • Group exhibition «Borderline, «Wordshop gallery», Vinzavod, Moscow. 28 october 
  • Group exhibition «Swiss Art Studio Annual Exhibition», Hong Kong cultural centre, 28-30 october
  • Personal exhibition «Urban Sketch» Hazel&Hershey, Hong Kong 4-25 october 
  • Booth at art festival «Sai Kung Art And About». Hong Kong 3-4 december 
  • Group Exhibition «SKAAA» HongKOng, Sai Kung Jockey Town Hall, 3-4december 
  • Group exhibition «Рассуждение о пейзаже» WORDSHOP GALLERY. Vinzavod, Moscow 6 december.
  • charity art auction supported by «foodlink» Hong Kong, Central, PMQ, Sohofama
  • Personal exhibition «World cities» Kokuyo Showroom. Shanghai, China. october-december* 
  • Personal exhibition «Art of Wall» Xian, October 
  • Group charity exhibition (with red cross) «Stories in town», The Peak Galleria, Hong Kong, august
  • 11th International Contemporary Art Exhibition from Asia, Africa and the Mediterranean Hangzhou, China, october 2014
  • Exhibition “Russian Art” in Dezhou city Museum. Dezhou, Shāndōng, China. May
  • Masterclass in Jǐnán University. Drawing and painting. Shāndōng, China. May 
  • Masterclass of Drawing in Dezhou Univercity. Shāndōng, China. May 
  • International Art Exhibition and charity «Children around the World», Shanghai Urban PlanningMuseum, Shanghai, China. march
  • Personal exhibition «Impulse of Life» in the Consulate General of the Russian Federation, Shanghai, China. march 
  • Published book (“Shanghai Zen” collaboration with Genevieve Flaven) 
  • Invited artist at The SWATCH Art Peace Hotel. Shanghai, China. February – July 
  • Personal exhibition “Shanghai lines”, Little victories gallery, Shanghai, China june 
  • Personal exhibition “Impulse of life”, Xitang, China 
  • International exhibition, Xitang, China 
  • Personal exhibition “Weekdays — Russian Artist in Shanghai”, Shanghai, China march 
  • Personal exhibition “Landscapes of Rostov-on-Don”, Rostov-on-Don, Russia january 
  • Exhibition, “Boulevard of Arts”, the Moscow day, Moscow, Russia 
  • Exhibition, “Peace Art” art festival, Moscow, Russia 
  • Exhibition “Art-Rostov”, Vertol Expo, Rostov-on-Don, Russia 
  • Personal Exhibition, “Fluorescent pictures”, club Kuba Libre, Rostov-on-Don, Russia 
  • Personal Exhibition, “Faces”, Rostov-on-Don, Russia 
  • Personal Exhibition, “Bukowski” Art Laboratory JAM, Moscow, Russia 
  • Personal Exhibition, “Movies Night” Cineplex IMAX Cinema, Moscow, Russia 
  • Don Palette, the regional festival of arts, Rostov-on-Don,Russia 
  • Kinesthetic realism, Rostov-on-Don,Russia 
  • Charles Bukowski, Rostov-on-Don,Russia 
  • Lovers, Rostov-on-Don,Russia 
  • Awarded the Gold Medal in nomination ”social poster“ at the Fourth All-Russian Delphic Games. Ryazan, Russia. 
  • Artist in All-Russian open-air drawing, dedicated to 100 years Sholokhov writer, the exhibition of his estate was in Veshki 
  • The world in which I live, Regional Museum of Fine Arts, Rostov-on-Don,Russia 
  • Awarded for the «Best of the original decision of the theme» the competition «I paint the world» in Rostov-on-Don (organizer: State University of Transport)
Evgeny Bondarenko 林仁亞